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Power System Analysis

EPD provides power systems and power system analysis to verify the adequacy of a power distribution system and it's components including NEC, ANSI and IEEE criteria.


Power system analysis collects the required data to perform a detailed coordination study and detect any related disturbances and outages. The Electronic Power Design analysis group uses field measurements and technologically advanced computer modeling to analyze power systems, make recommendations to increase power efficiency and deliver custom products and electrical soutions to the maritime, mining, oil & gas, industrial, and utility sectors worldwide.


Electronic Power Systems - Single-Phase and Three-Phase Power Loads. Substation Configurations, SCADA, SIVACON, Circuit Breakers, Short Circuits, Fault Current Sources and Characteristics, Machine Reactances, and Electrical Equipment Ratings. Impedance Calculations, Balanced Fault Calculations, Duty Calculations, Scaling Factors. Equipment Protection and Coordination, Motors, Controls, PLC's, Starters, Fuses, Conductors, Bus, Switchgear, Conductors, Low and Medium Voltage Transformers and Reactors. Time Delay, Relay Coordination and Instantaneous Relays.




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